About the S-2 Miss Alvey's Signs:

Boat Name: Miss Alvey's Signs
Boat Numbers: S-2
Hull Design: Bert Henderson
Builder:  Bert Henderson 2003-2004
Construction:  Glass Composite
Length:  16'6"
Width: 8'8"
Motor:  Stock Ford 2300cc "Pinto" Engine
Top speed: 100 mph

About the former S-2:

Boat Name: Superior Miss
Boat Numbers: S-2 and A-2
Hull Design:  Steve Webster and Jamie Auld
Builder:  Steve and Mike Webster
Construction:  Combination of wood and composite materials
Length:  16'6"
Width: 8'4"
Motor:  Stock Ford 2300cc "Pinto" Engine
Top Speed: 95 mph

This is one of the boats destroyed by the tornado on 2/28/17