Celebrating 15 Years


Fifteen years ago we attended our first race at the Atchafalaya APBA Eastern Divisionals in Morgan City, LA.  We had no idea what we were doing.  However, we one hell of an adventure and even made the cover of Propeller Magazine.  Although I was not qualified to drive in the final, the boat had enough points.  So I had Sean Bowsher step in for me.

02/21/20:  Owensboro  Outdoor and Sport Show

The S2, Miss Alvey's Signs, attended the Owensboro Outdoor and Sport Show to promote the upcoming Owensboro HydroFair, Presented by Jagoe Homes that will take place in downtown Owensboro Agust 14-16 this summer.

9/16/18:  First Place at Caesars Creek Hydrobowl!

Miss Alvey's Signs won three of four heats over the weekend to claim the team's first win.  You could not ask for a better weekend.  The water was terrific and the weather was outstanding.

Thanks to Keith Koether of KK Race Shots for allowing us to share these photos.

9/3/18: Miss Alvey's Signs finally hits the water!

After a rough Saturday during the Evansville HydroFest, where we failed to even get off of the trailer, we were able to knock out a couple third place finishes on Sunday.

We can't thank these people enough for helping us back on the water...

Robert Grossman, Tom Bergman, Ed Cooper, Doug Reiners, Daniel Wright, Brad Maglinger, Colleen Page and whole gang at Alvey's Signs, Randy Lientz and the HydroFest committee along with the Outboard Boating Club of Evansville.

Thank You!!!

8/29/18:  In the news...  Here's a follow up that WEHT did on us just a few days before the Evansville HydroFest.  Click on the image below to see the footage from WEHT, The Tristate Homepage.

8/8/18:  Miss Alvey's Signs made her first appearance on August 8th during a training session for the Evansville HydroFest Rescue Team.  Click on the image below to see the news footage from WEHT, The Tristate Homepage.

8/7/18:  Welcome aboard!  We have a partnership with Alvey's Signs for the 2018 Evansville HydroFest.  Miss Alvey's Signs will be presenting the new S2 hydroplane on the river front in Evansville, IN on Labor Day weekend.

7/30/18:  We're getting closer to having a boat back on the water. She's off to get a fresh coat of paint. Will she be ready for the Evansville HydroFest?

7/16/18:  The new S-2 is coming along.  Work on the new shop has been put on hold and all efforts have been shifted toward preparing the boat as we are striving to be ready for the Evansville HydroFest on Labor Day weekend.

02/28/18:  It has been one year since the tornado took out the shop in Poseyville.  Fortunately, our home, 11 miles away in New Harmony, narrowly escaped getting hit by the same twister.  A lot has happened in the last year.  The photographs below are of a few of the highlights.

The build site for the new shop was acquired and prepared in August.

The new shop was constructed in November and December.

Mark Manos offered me a chance to drive his boat in the Evansville HydroFest for the A.P.B.A. Eastern Divisional race in the 5 Litre class.  Thanks to Chris Denslow for letting me share this photograph here.

Thanks to Berry Global, Inc. for sponsoring Mark's boat in Evansville.

Of course, if I break it, I get to fix it.  Right?

Check back with us soon.  More updates coming up.

03/04/17:  A tornado ripped through the shop on 2/28/17.  This is the rear half of the building where the bottom mold was being constructed.

The woods and fields around the shop are scattered with tools, parts, materials and the remains of four boats that were in the shop.  Portion of the left deck shown below was found .48 miles from the shop.

02/26/17:  Bottom mold is nearly complete.  It won't be long before we start bagging carbon on it.

02/11/17:  New belly pan for the S2 is starting to take shape.  Master craftsman and S2 crew member, Doug Reiners, lays out the frames for the belly pan transition.

01/16/2017:  Exciting updates coming soon!!!   Activity is starting to take place in the shop.  We've been away from boat racing too long and that's about to change.

07/17/2010:  As many of you may already know, we will not be attending any races during the 2010 season.  However, work on the S-2 continues and is becoming more extensive.  The shop has recently been relocated to a much larger facility in Poseyville, IN and the safety cell has just been removed.  It will be cut down and repositioned to reduce weight and establish better balance.

01/12/2010:  Steve and Mike Webster were kind enough to send us a few construction photos of the S-2 and have allowed us to share a couple of them with you.


12/02/2009:  Off-season work has started.  The S-2 is upside down for updates to the sponsons and air traps.